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Book a Zipline Birthday Party!

The coolest birthday party around.

Let uas entertain the kids at the best birthday party ever. The kiddos will love you. Your group will have a fun-filled morning or afternoon of high-flying laughter.

The days starts with gearing up and your safety introduction to ziplining. Next, move on to the Practice Line before you get ready to do the real deal and embark on this mountain activity that is sure the make the whole crowd happy.


  • Check out our Zip and Sip package for lunch and a drink (root beer for the kiddos) at Tommyknocker Brewery at our Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline location. Tommyknocker is a great local establishment with good food and lots of space for all of your party guests. Book a morning zipline, then have a lunch party and order dessert (not included in the package price). Or choose an afternoon zip followed by dinner.
  • We recommend Eddyline in Buena Vista for awesome food, group space and welcoming family environments near our Granite location.

Choose from 2 Locations:

Cliffside Zipline Tour in Idaho Springs (30 minutes from Denver, 1 hour from Summit County) : 6 ziplines plus Surf Zip, Dual Race Zip, Pivot Log Cross, Free Fall, Swinging Bridge and more. Minimum age 7.

Mountaintop Zipline Tour in Buena Vista (1 hour from Summit County or Vail): 7 zipline, swinging log bridge, hanging log staircase. Minimum age 10.

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