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10 Best Things About Denver

As a native of Colorado and someone who spent 10 years living in Denver, I absolutely love this city. It is known as the Mile High City (and is, of course, a mile high), but there is so much more to this amazing town than that. No matter what you’re looking for in a place to live or visit, you can find everything in Denver or just a short drive away. What are some of the best things about this city you may ask? Here are my top 10 favorite things about Denver.

  1. Sports – Denver is one of the few cities that has a professional team for every single sport. Whether you like football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or lacrosse, there is a sports team for you to follow and, let me tell you, people here love there professional sports!
  2. The Wild Animal Sanctuary – If you like lions or tigers or bears, you will find your heaven here. Rescued animals worldwide find home here after being rescued from unsafe living conditions. There are acres of land that you can stroll atop (they have a large walking bridge) and see these animals in their natural uninhibited wonder.
  3. Red Rocks – No best things about Denver list is complete without Red Rocks Amphitheater! Musicians come from all over the world to play in this red rocked paradise. The natural rock formations create a unique music going experience, as well as a sound so unreal you won’t believe it’s actually your favorite band.
  4. Biking – Biking is the preferred method of transportation and/or exercise of most Denervites, whether it be riding to work, a nice riverside pedal or a serious race up a mountain. There is a unique bike culture with kitsch shops and every kind of bike you could imagine.
  5. The Mountains – Just a short drive from Denver, the Rocky Mountains sit in all of their splendor, waiting for hiking, biking and nature viewing needs.
  6. World Class Rafting and Ziplining – About 30 minutes outside Denver you will find some of the best rafting and ziplining you can find in Colorado. Colorado Zipline’s outpost in Idaho Springs has the best guides, the best gear, and the best experience you will find in the state.
  7. Craft Beer – People from Colorado love their beer and the local breweries are the best way to experience some very unique flavors. Craft brewing is taken very seriously in Denver and any of the 140+ local breweries are happy to show off their facilities and most do free tastings!
  8. Denver Art Museum – The art museum has world class art and also does many features from different artists and pieces all over the world. The art in itself is beautiful but the building is also another thing to check out. Unique architecture makes this building some you really won’t find elsewhere.
  9. The Weather – This may seem like a silly reason to love this place, but it really is astounding. There are over 300 days of sunshine in the state yearly, but it’s never actually too hot. The blue skies and breezy days make it so you can do literally any outdoor activity or sport you want to do somewhere nearby and there is something to do year round!
  10. The Locals – Every city has their own unique culture and local environment, but Denver’s is not one to miss. Denver is a great place to explore your interests, whether it be art, music, food, beer. There are tons of other people who are interested in the same things. The best part of this is everyone loves to share their interests so you can always find someone to talk to about the things that you love and enjoy!

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