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10 Things You May Not Know About Ziplining

Cliffside Zipline Course

As ziplining grows as a popular recreational activity and tourist attraction, chances are you’ve probably been on one or at least seen one. The innovative concept of being able to fly high across a landscape has thrilled and intrigued people for the last couple decades allowing for all kinds of exciting, high speed and high flying ziplines across the globe.

1. All Ziplines Use the Same Concept

Regardless of the style of zipline or whether for practical or recreation use, all ziplines use the same basic concept. Gravity is what powers the zipline. Using cables spread between two areas one at a higher elevation that the other, free moving pulleys allow the “zipper” to move from one position to the next, zooming above the ground.

2. Ziplining Has a Multitude of Names

Due to the fact that 700 ziplines are found in 72 countries, there are a variety of names for this cable ride. Some names include areal runway, foefie slide, rope slide, flying fox and zip wire. Of course, in the United States, they are called ziplines referring to the term zip referring to quick movement and the line referring to the cable.

3. There are some Crazy Ziplines Across the World

Not only are ziplines just in countries across the world, there is one zipline that crosses borders in between countries. It is possible to zip between Spain and Portugal on the Limite Zero zipline which flies high over the Guadiana River.

4. There are a few that Reach Crazy Speeds

Have a need for speed? There are three ziplines that are said to reach speeds of over 100 miles per hour. These insanely fast lines are located in South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

5. China’s Ziplines are Insane

In China in the Hongde Village, there is a zipline also called a “Ropeway” that villagers must use to cross from one side to another of the “Wumeng Rift.” It is also called the Dead End because there are no roads or other means of getting across a 260-feet wide, 460-feet deep gorge, so there are still practical uses for ziplines.

6. There are Ziplines Along a Volcano

It is possible to zip next to a volcano. This zipline is located in Costa Rica on the Sky Trek in Arenal Park. This zipline flies by the volcano of Costa Rica that was active up until 2010, but is now in a dormant state. It also has beautiful views of the surrounding rain forest area and the Arenal Lake.

7. The Longest Zipline in the World is in Italy

One of the longest ziplines in the world is the Volo Dell’angelo which means Flight of the Angel. It is located in Rocca Massima, Italy and runs 7260 feet. On this particular zipline, the riders go face-first down the line, truly giving the feeling of flight while moving up to 70 miles per hour. It is definitely a decided favorite by tourists.

8. The Steepest Zipline in the World is in Slovenia

The steepest zipline in the world is Letalnica bratov GoriĊĦek. It is located at a ski flying hill in Slovenia. With an average incline of 38% and a maximum incline of 58%, this zipline is wild just to look at.

9. There are over 400 Commercial Ziplines in the U.S.

In the United States, the zipline industry has grown tremendously, there are over 400 commercial ziplines throughout 48 states, so there may be one by your hometown to check out.

10. AVA Offers Two Incredible Mountaintop Ziplines in Colorado

Here in Colorado, we have some awesome ziplines. At both our Idaho Springs and Buena Vista locations you can zip through the mountains. With platforms built into the cliffside and exciting tours with 6-7 lines and features to entertain the entire family, you can truly experience the mountains in Colorado.


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