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2016 Opening Day

Colorado Zipline in Snow

Now that the nation’s coldest month has come to a close, people are beginning to plan for their summer trips and vacation. Although there are a few more months of winter to go, you do not want to miss your window to plan your dream vacation. June and July tend to be the biggest months of summer travel across the states, and ziplining is amongst the most popular activities in the state, with the season projected to begin on March 11.

20140412Idaho Springs Zip - 009Opening day for ziplining season is quite exciting, with the still snow covered mountains mixed with the early signs of spring. The scenery can only be compared to that of a National Geographic article. If this sounds like an activity you would like to partake in, now is the time to start planning. Reservations typically begin in January for the spring and summer months, and rightfully so, with amazing discounts being offered on almost all trips if booked before the season’s start in March. In addition to planning ahead to assure the best price and ideal trip date, you will also want to make sure you and your group meet all the requirements for a ziplining adventure. Not everyone has to be a triathlon runner or an Olympic swimmer, but, more or less, make sure you are in sufficient shape for the trip you have planned. Our Idaho Springs trip kicks off with a light, 10 minute hike to the zip start.

The last thing to double check will be your packing list. March in Colorado will likely promise cool temps, especially as you fly through the Rockies. Pack light layers and fleeces to keep warm and to shed as you get too warm. Also avoid unsecure footwear, as you do not want to lose your shoes during a zipline tour. For more information or booking please feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581.


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