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3 Activities For Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie

Sand Dunes Colorado

Colorado is the perfect state to let out your inner adrenaline junkie. It offers a wide range of adrenaline inducing outdoor activities. Here are 3 activities for your inner adrenaline junkie.

gore 06 (8)One of these great activities is going whitewater rafting. There are several great sections of class V rapids to run. The Lower Canyon section of Clear Creek is 10 miles of rowdy whitewater  located just 45 minutes from Denver. This section drops at 120 feet per mile!

Another great section of whitewater for adrenaline seekers is the Pine Creek section of the Arkansas River. This section also offers 10 miles of class V rapids and also a rappel off of a 70 ft cliff face. For the real whitewater adrenaline seeker there is Gore Canyon. This section of the Colorado River is one of the most intense sections of commercially run whitewater in the country. This section is 20 miles long and the river drops at 150 feet per mile. The largest rapid boasts an astounding 12 foot drop. This section is the premier section of whitewater for the adrenaline junkie.

_DSC9438Another great activity to get your adrenaline pumping is ziplining. This activity allows you to fly through the air between trees and down cliffs hundreds of feet off the ground. There is a zipline course in Idaho Springs where you zig-zag down a cliff face on six different zips. If that isn’t enough adrenaline for you there are also several hanging log bridges to navigate across, as well as a vertical free fall. These unique ziplines allow you to use special gloves to break on your own. This allows you to control how fast (or how slow) you want to go. A second course, located in Granite, boasts 7 different ziplines that starts on top of a mountain. This tour zips your through the mountains and provides breathtaking scenery of the Collegiate Range.

Sandboarding the Great Sand Dunes is another great adrenaline junkie activity in the state of Colorado. Great Sand Dunes National Park is located about 20 minutes outside of Alamosa in southeastern Colorado. Climb up the 600 ft tall sand dunes, wax up your board, and let it rip down to the bottom. These boards can be rented right outside the park for $20 a day and wax is included. This activity is the closest thing you can get to snowboarding in the summertime.

Colorado is definitely a great destination to explore and let out your inner adrenaline junkie. Come on out and explore all of the great adrenaline pumping activities Colorado has to offer.


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