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3 Things to Know About July Ziplining

July Ziplining Colorado

July is the best time of the season, here in Colorado; fresh air, beautiful skies and perfect weather abound. If you’re planning on coming to Colorado to zipline, here are 3 things to know about July ziplining.

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What to Expect for Weather?

July can offer a range of temperatures and weather changes. Generally, the days are warm with sunshine and the nights are cool.  However, clouds and rain can change that drastically, and it typically does so in the afternoons.  By booking your trip in the mornings, you will avoid the likelihood of afternoon showers. Be sure to give yourself options when dressing for your zipline trip.  Pants are always a good way to go, due to the harness, and bringing a jacket along is definitely a good idea.  We zipline rain or shine, so come prepared!

Book Your Trip in Advance

July brings a large amount of people to the great state of Colorado, so I don’t think we need to inform you that you are not the only one who has Colorado ziplining in mind.  Give yourself plenty of time when booking your trip, and make your life easier by doing so in advance.  When booking in advance, you give yourself a bigger chance of getting the trip you want on the date and time that you want.  If you are only here for a few days, you definitely want to make sure you do not miss out on this amazing experience by waiting until the last minute.

tunnel congestionGive Yourself Enough Time to Be On Time

Along with beautiful weather, Colorado summers are also a time for repairing roads and completing big construction projects.  I-70 is doing some major construction close to the foothills of Denver, so leave yourself plenty of time to get to your zip lining destination.  Even going super early and spending a day in the mountains is a great way to avoid the stress of being behind schedule.  The website,, offers you up to date traffic information.  Plan ahead and save yourself the hassle of traffic jams.



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