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4 Mistakes People Make on Ziplining Trips in the Colorado Rockies

Colorado Zipline

There is a lot of planning that goes into having the best vacation possible. All that planning leads to a period of relaxation and fun, and nobody wants to have something go wrong when you are trying to relax. Okay, so ziplining is not known as relaxing typically, but to ensure you have the absolute best time on your zipline adventure we made a list of all the things you do NOT want to do. May seem backwards, but it’s easier to tell you what to avoid rather then how to plan YOUR vacation.

Colorado Via Ferrata

Here are some of the biggest mistakes I have seen people make when booking a zipline excursion: 

#1 Booking for the WRONG location

The biggest mistake people make is signing up for a Colorado Zipline and not knowing exact what town, city etc it is in. It may seem crazy, but a lot of companies have multiple locations or their course may be a drive from that town you booked it in. 

Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline

If you are looking for a zipline out of Castle Rock there is another zipline in Idaho Springs, Buena Vista and Manitou Springs all of which are within an hour drive of the course in Castle Rock. Be sure you are checking the location of the zipline and following the address listed on the confirmation email just to ensure that you are getting to the right address for your zipline tour. 

#2 Booking the WRONG type of Zipline course

Yes I bet you did not know that there are different types of zipline courses, but this is definitely information you should consider so that you book the correct tour you are looking for.

Colorado Zipline

Some courses are platform ziplines and others are mountain ziplines. A platform zipline is so going from a big wooden structure to another. A mountain zipline is actually integrated into the environment around it. Mountain ziplines generally have jungle bridges connecting them and are a fun and totally different experience than a platform zipline. Look up some photos of the zipline you are considering and make sure that it matches your expectations. You can also give the zipline company you are thinking about booking with a call and they can describe the course in detail to you. 

#3 Unprepared for Colorado Weather

Another big mistake is not preparing for Colorado weather. Colorado weather is finicky, it can be sunny and beautiful all morning and then be a torrential downpour an hour later. If you plan on ziplining in the spring the weather is going to be warming up but you could even have a bit of snow.

I recommend a pair of pants that are warm or fleece lined leggings (yes they do exist and they are amazing). If you are traveling in the summer around July,  it will most likely be pretty warm and you can get by in a t-shirt, but always check the weather! If you are going on an afternoon zipline bring a rain jacket just in case you run into any weather on the zipline course. If you decide to go ziplining in the fall I would suggest wearing leggings and a sweatshirt or a light jacket. Regardless of when you are going to go ziplining always make sure you are wearing shoes that will stay on your feel and are closed-toed. 

#4 Missing your Trip Due to Traffic/Construction

One of the most common occurrences is either leaving later than you should or running into traffic on the way to your zipline excursion and not making it in time.  Most companies can only wait ten to fifteen minutes max for late guests.

Let’s face it, no one likes being late it feels as though all the pressure gets put on you. Be sure to watch traffic and construction delays and give yourself adequate time to make it to your reservation. Also double check with the company what time they expect you to show up.  

The nice thing about booking a zipline tour is you typically just show up and enjoy the adventure. However, if you plan for these 4 things then you will not be disappointed by your zipline vacation.