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4 Reasons Ziplining is Exactly What Your Brain Needs this Summer and Fall

A woman with her legs crossed mid zipline

While it is always important to get fresh air, we think this summer it needs to be at the top of everyone’s to do list. Let’s really quickly get into the science of it, and from there we will break down how our zipline trips are exactly what your mental health needs.

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Getting outside and moving a little bit will help you get more oxygen to your brain. More oxygen to your brain = more brain power. It will help you clear you mind and let your brain think clearly. Now that sounds great doesn’t it!

Adrenaline is going to increase the amount of oxygen that gets to your brain. That means your brain will be fully oxygenated and you will be ready to tackle any task that is thrown your way. Can you think of a better feeling?

A study from U.S. National Institutes of Health shows that nature can give us a physical and mental sense of being away from our monotonous environment which also stimulates our brain. You heard us, those great views are also helping you move forward more than anyone ever could have guessed.

Idaho Springs Colorado Views of the Continental Divide

A new adventure or experience also brings a rush of dopamine to your brain. This is why it is so important to explore, travel and try new things, because we have evolved into extra curious beings.

Long story short, you need to get outside, get your heart pumping, take in the natural beauty and try something new. 

Our zipline courses encompass everything that your brain needs this summer.

No. 1: Fresh Air: Our zipline experience is a 100% open air adventure. Even your ride up the mountain will be in an open air zipline truck. There is truly nothing like Colorado mountain air to help get your brain rejuvenated from a long spring and summer.

No. 2: A little Adrenaline: Even if you are a full adreneline junkie, we can assure you that our zipline will get your heart pumping. If you aren’t so sure about flying high, we can promise you that this experience is great for beginners alike. You will be completely safe throughout your entire trip and our guides will make sure you get just the right amount of adrenaline that you are looking for.

Via Ferrata in Colorado

No. 3: Beautiful Scenery: Check out Colorado from up above! Not many people get to take in the views of 14 thousand foot mountains, beautiful pine trees, and everything else the mountain terrain offers from the cliff side. The natural beauty of both of our zipline courses is not interfered by with huge platforms and large areas of cleared brush. We are ziplining along the beautiful cliff.

No. 4: A new Experience to share with friends and family: Whether they are by your side during your zipline adventure or you get to tell them about it after it is all said and done, there is no way you can take about this new adventure that you just embarked on. The since of adventure will leave you wanting more!

Family Zipline in Colorado

Family Zip Trip

Our zipline courses are the perfect 2020 summer and fall adventure, especially if you have been in a little bit of a funk since this pandemic hit. It is so important to take care of your mental health, and luckily, something as fun as ziplining can help you do just that!

Check out our 2 zipline courses: