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4 Tips for Booking a July 4th Zipline Tour

The Fourth of July is a very important day for every American, and we need to tell you why. There’s no better way to share this day of honor and remembrance than together with family and friends. To establish this July 4th as perhaps, the best one ever, might we suggest pairing your family affairs with the profound zipline experience! If you’re either on the fence, or in the process of planning a zipline adventure, here are 4 tips for booking a July 4th zipline tour, that make the process seem like a zip!

Early Bird

Booking early is very important, especially if you have a large group. July is pretty much peak season in the industry, and the week of the 4th is likely going to be one of the biggest weekends for any activity, especially here in this wonderful state. As soon as the thought of going ziplining pops into your mind, give us a shout at 1-877-RAF-TING and our friendly sales staff will pretty much do everything for you! All you’ll need to figure out after that, is how many people are actually gonna take the plunge with you and what section of the sky you’d like the sun to be in throughout your tour.

If you have an enormous group, we’ve got you covered there, too, with your very own personal large group coordinator! You may reach your large group coordinator at the same number, just let us know how large your group is and we’ll zip you in the right direction.

cliffside platform horizZipline Requirements

For safety reasons, there are weight and age restrictions for each of our zip line courses. At our Granite Outpost, we require participants to be no younger than 10 and weigh 75-250 lbs. In Idaho Springs, the minimum age drops to 7 years old and the required weight, 50-250 lbs. The maximum weight limit of 250 lbs is implemented out of safety for both our guides and our guests, but if you feel you’d like to speak with us about this, please just give us a ring. It’s important to make sure everyone in  your group fits these requirements so there are no surprises come the day of the trip.

Drive Timetunnel gif

Lousy traffic puts a damper on any activity and we at AVA would be most saddened if you missed your tour due to this cause. We’ve gone a step beyond and inserted a link into your confirmation email, that, when clicked on, takes you directly to the Colorado Department of Transportation website. There you will find all of the up to date information regarding any planned road delays or lane closures. One of the top busiest throughways in the nation, I-70 is usually in need of some sort of repair, and there is currently tunnel resurfacing in precess, so be plan ahead and get to your destination, wherever it is, safely and on time.

Hopefully, we’ve help to relieve some of the chaos that may have plagued your vacation planning. If you’re all ready to book your zipline trip, click here! Don’t forget to wear your festive attire to help present the true spirit of this unifying holiday!



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