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4 Zipline Packages to Check Out This Labor Day

Colorado Mountaintop Zipline

The great state of Colorado is nearing a new season, with summer winding down, but there are still plenty of activities to do and a many sights to see. Fortunately for you, we are still offering 4 zipline packages to check out this Labor Day in either Granite or Idaho Springs, where you can get outside for a great activity and see some wonderful scenery.

DSC_2647-450Cliffside Zipline

Idaho Springs has an exhilarating zipline course consisting of six different lines. After a short hike to the starting line, you’ll be ready to ride like the wind. This trip has a base rate of $89 per adult and $79 for kids 12 and under. You must be at least seven years old and weigh between 50 & 250 lbs to join us on this crazy ride! The six zips on this course are awesome and also include several additional adventure elements. We don’t make you climb steps on this! It’s built into the topography of the land!


Mountaintop Zipline

Granite has an incredible zipline course, call it incredibline, if you will. There are seven zips over the course along with a few added ropes course features. You’ll fly across the landscape with astounding views of the Collegiate Peaks. This course is also built into the landscape, which, makes our zipline courses the most unique and exciting in the great state of Colorado. Base for adults is $89 and $79 for kids 12 and under. You must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 75 & 250 lbs to experience this adrenaline pumping ride!

Happy Hour Zipline

Our happy hour isn’t what you’d typically call a traditional one. Rather than going to get a cheap beverage at the local watering hole, you’ll save 25% on our Cliffside course. Same rules apply to who can ride, but you must zip at 5pm or 6pm in order to get the discount. This applies to trips Monday – Thursday!

IMG_9746-450Why Wait? Zipline

Traffic is lame, name one person you know who likes to sit in it. You can’t! That’s why we invented the “Why Wait” zip trip in Idaho Springs every Sunday at 5pm or 6pm. Why wait in traffic when you could be saving 25% on a zipline trip with us? You’ll be having a blast while everyone is at a standstill going back to Denver. Once your early evening endeavor has wrapped up, you’ll be able to zip back to Denver no problem!



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