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6 Waterfall Zipline Tours We Want to Try

Waterfall Zipline Tours

Not all ziplines are created equal. Some are short rides from one plank to another, and some are exciting adventures that take you down a side of a mountain or through the canopy of a forest. But a select few give adventurers the opportunity to soar over beautiful waterfalls. Here is our list of 6 waterfall ziplines we want to try!

zipline over Niagara Falls

1. Parc de la Chute-Montmorency Zipline

Found just minutes outside of Quebec City, Canada this is one amazing zipline! The Montmorency waterfall is a powerful 270 feet tall, which is over 90 feet taller than Niagara Falls. Here there is a zipline over 320 yards that takes you right over the top of this majestic waterfall.

Montmorency Falls, Quebec City, QC, Canada

2. Waterfall Canopy Zipline Tour, Pigeon Forge

Found in the Smoky Mountains, Firefox Mountain Adventure Park provides the only zipline that takes you over a waterfall in the Smokies. After zipping past mountains and creeks, you then get to zip of the majestic Lost Mine Falls. No trip to Appalachia is complete without taking a ride on this zipline.

Smoky Mountains

3. Xplor Zipline, Riviera Maya, Mexico

On this zipline tour, guest will take a tour that consist of 7 zips that will give the rider amazing views of this tropical forest. But better than riding a zipline over a waterfall, this trip finishes by taking you through a waterfall. This zip is unlike any other waterfall ziplines we’ve seen.

Tropical forest

4. Kolekole Waterfall Zipline, Akaka Falls, Hawaii

This zipline might be the most beautiful on this list. A series of 7 zips takes you through Hawaii’s jungles and still has ocean views. After a zip over a 450-foot ravine, the trip is concluded with a zip over the amazing 250 foot Kolekole waterfall. Voted best zipline in Hawaii, and believe me, there are a lot of amazing ziplines in Hawaii, that title is sure to mean that this zip could be one of the most memorable moments of your life.

'Akaka Falls, Hawaii

5. Umauma Falls Zipline, Hokalou, Hawaii

Back to Hawaii for another amazing zipline tour! This tour is a series of 8 zips with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and lush rain forest of the Homakua Coast. On this tour there is final zip that 2,060 feet long that takes you over a series of amazing waterfalls.

6. Waterfall Zipline, Adventure Park & Hotel Vista Golfo di Nicaya, Costa Rica

This tour is an exciting journey that starts with a 30 minute off road ride to get to the start. The course consist of 25 ziplines and is the longest zipline in Costa Rica. The highlight of this tour are 11 magnificent waterfalls that your soar in a full body harness that positions you like you are flying.

Man ziplining in Costa Rica

Take your zipline game up a level and be sure to check out one of these amazing waterfall zipline tours if you’re out traveling.  If you’re stuck on hanging around Colorado, AVA has two zipline locations in the state both with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains.  Great times await!


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