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Colorado Zipline

Here at Colorado Zipline we obviously have a love for the outdoors. However, we don’t like to limit ourselves to just one type of adventure, which is exactly why we have not one, but two ziplining courses! Here is all about our Zipline courses so you have all the details!

IMG_9746-450Located in Granite, our Mountaintop Ziplining extends over 44 acres of our private property. As you zip from one platform to another you will be subject to some the best views Colorado has to offer. While some people are forced to view the Collegiate Mountain Range from the road or base, you will witness the mountains’ glory all while whizzing through the trees.

Found just 45 minutes west of Denver, our Idaho Springs goes above and beyond the traditional zipline course. Our Cliffside Zip course consists of seven lines measuring out to 3500 ft. of flying through treetops and zooming from cliffside to cliffside. If that doesn’t get your adrenaline rushing we threw in a few extra features along the way. For instance, on a 900 ft. line you can race a friend from cliffside to treetop, but if that doesn’t exhilarate then our skateboard zipline might! If that is still a little too mellow for the adventurous soul, you can test your balance on our swinging log and hanging lodge bridges. And for one more final jolt of excitement you can experience a free fall from 40 feet high!DSC_0778-1200

When you adventure with AVA Rafting and Colorado Zipline you will be sure to have a new experience and an adventure of the summer. While ziplining is great in of itself, it is best served with a side of rafting! With two ziplines located right on site of two major rivers there is no reason not to try it!


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