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Where is the best place to go ziplining in Colorado?

Where is the best place to go ziplining in Colorado? This is a really good question. It really depends on what you would like to get out of your trip. AVA’s Granite (Buena Vista) location would be perfect with a wide array of excitement options! It’s good for both an in-experienced and experienced outdoorsman. What makes this course good for anyone? The answer is simple; the guides we have and what happens before, during and after the trip.

We’ll Guide The Way

AVA Guide

For starters, the guides for the trip are some of the best around! The guides go through the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) program for training. For your trip, they will go through the trip step by step; this can add extra assurance if someone in your group is scared of heights. To help keep the highest safety standard possible, they’ll also do the clipping and un-clipping of your gear. This will give you the satisfaction that you are hooked up every time correctly. AVA Zip Lining has some of the best guide to guest ratios around. For every 2 guides, there can be a total of 4-10 people on your trip. This prevents too much standing around and trips not taking all day.

Know What You’re In For

Before the trip even starts, AVA strives to be the best. You’ll be able to meet everyone on your trip; your guides and fellow zippers. Your guides will go over; a little about themselves, tell you what you should bring, and some itinerary of the trip. The guides will explain like other challenge courses, they have lots of fun obstacles; like swinging bridges and stairs. Unlike other challenge courses, we focus more on the actual ziplining portion. As your guides are getting the trip ready, you’ll be able to talk with your fellow zippers (other guests on your trip). This can be a really big treat! You’ll be able to learn where someone else from and what brings them to Colorado.

Buena Vista Zipline

Once we gear you up and head out, it’s only about a 2-minute drive from the outpost to the course itself. It really makes it nice when both the outpost and zip course are on AVA property; so, everything is in-house. There is a nature walk at the beginning with a safety demonstration to help set your mind at ease. In this demonstration we will; tell you about your gear, what is okay and not okay to do (while ziplining), and many bad dad jokes! Not only do we have jokes at the demonstration, but all the way through! If you have any jokes, we are always looking to add more to our comedy show!

Back to a serious note, the guides will teach you how to be hands on the gear without any safety concerns. This is still completely safe because the guides will actually clip and un-clip you gear to the line. You’ll be able to steer yourself down the line. This allows you to come in forward and see the brake coming! If you’re a person that is a little more gravitationally accepted, we’ll have you do a different kind of braking as well. The biggest part, one of the guides will explain each line; each line has its own personality! Some lines; go fast, go slow, even have extra style points, get close to the ground, and 1 line runs off a cliff to reach highway speeds! There really is at least 1 zip line for everyone in the family. What makes us the safest, is that we only send 1 person at a time. This will allow us to have the most amount of fun and be the safest we possibly can be.

Final Stretch

After the zip lining, you’ll pretty much zip straight back to the van. Don’t forget, we have plenty of bad dad jokes. Once we drive you back and de-gear you, we inspect all the equipment.

Not only does this keep our equipment nice, this shows you we are only willing to send you out on the best every time. If you have any further questions pertaining about; your other adventures, what’s around the area, or other fun facts, you can ask your guide. All of the guides are very informative about the area and can let you know.

A Day of Adventure

For a basic recap, the Granite Outpost is not only very fun; but very safe! All the guides go through the ACCT training program. The guides will always clip and un-clip you from every line and only send each person one at a time. This way, we can maximize the most amount of fun and safety. Everyone in the group should have a line for them; each line has its own personality. Lastly, the guides have many bad dad jokes and are always looking for new material!


Keep in mind, AVA also has another zip course located in Idaho Springs! This trip is very similar to the one in the Granite Location. With this location very close to Denver, it is an easy way to get out of the city. It is a little longer of a drive to the start than the Granite outpost. However, this course will take you straight back to the outpost; so, there’s no drive time. All in all, both zip courses are not only very fun; but very safe as well. You’ll just have to click or pick up the phone to “send it” on your next adventure!