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Where is the Best Place to Zipline in Colorado?

Zipline Colorado
Written by Alec Ferguson

With so much to do and see it’s obvious why Colorado is one of the leading destinations for tourists year after year. In 2017 alone Colorado reached an all time high of 86 million visitors! This can more than likely be attributed to the vast amount of different activities people can choose from, with almost anyone being able to find something they enjoy. One of the great activities visitors can choose from are any of the zipline adventures offered at various scenic locations across the state. For anyone looking to have a great time there are 3 destinations that will certainly not disappoint:

  • AVA Mountaintop Zipline tours in Buena Vista
  • AVA Cliffside Zipline tours located in Idaho Springs
  • Top of the Rockies Zipline tours located in Leadville

AVA Mountaintop Zipline

Located just north of Buena Vista, AVA’s Mountaintop zipline offers an excellent zip experience. This course features 7 zips built into the mountain taking you over top of the trees through the Arkansas Valley. These platforms differ from many zipline course as they are built into the landscape of the area. Offered at multiple times of the day during the months of May through September, the AVA Mountaintop Zipline tour is a great option for anyone on a summer vacation in Colorado.

AVA Cliffside Zipline

AVA’s Cliffside Zipline is great for many reasons. Something awesome about this trip is the fact that it is located only 30-45 minutes away from Denver making it super convenient for people staying in the city who still want to experience the outdoors. While convenience definitely makes this destination attractive, it certainly is not only what makes it unique. Built into the cliffside of Mount Evans the 6 zips of this course feature amazing views of the Rocky Mountains as well as swinging log bridges and a “Surf Zip.” With tours taking off at various times daily form March through November, AVA’s Cliffside Zipline is another great trip, especially for those spending a majority of their time in Denver.

Top of the Rockies Zipline

Top of the Rockies Zipline located in Leadville offers a very unique ziplining experience. The course features 6 zips starting at 11,200 feet above sea level. The fact that this course runs all year round is also an interesting and distinctive feature, giving you the ability to zipline in the winter. The top of the Rockies Zipline offers amazing views of the 14,000-foot Mount Elbert and Mount Massive as well as views of old gold mines. Maybe the coolest feature of this course is that it runs over a railroad giving you a chance to zipline over a train if the timing is right. Top of the Rockies Zipline just adds to the list of great ziplining options available in Colorado.

With all the great opportunities regarding how to spend your days while visiting Colorado it can be tough to narrow down which fun activities you want to do that will also fit into your schedule. But as far as problems go this is not a bad problem to have! With all of the great locations and courses, ziplining should be on everyone’s list of things to do while on vacation out in the Rockies.