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Camping near Idaho Springs

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The town of Idaho Springs offers a large variety of fun filled adventures. When needing a little break from day to day life, consider checking out Idaho Springs for your vacation or maybe just a little day get away. If you are coming up to Idaho Springs, consider taking the rustic route. With all the outdoor activities available you might as well spend the night in the good ol’ outdoors to experience it fully. Camping when done right can be more fun than even staying at a hotel! Check out these camping spots near Idaho Springs for a complete adventure.

1.1 (4) Indian Hot Springs- Have the best of both worlds at the Indian Hotsprings. Sit back and take in your surroundings, all while relaxing in the natural springs. Go ahead and set up camp before you decide to take a dip. A campsite for two is $25.00 and well worth the price at this location. When you purchase your campsite you get discounts on the pools so it’s a win-win situation!

Clear Creek Campground-This campground is right in Idaho Springs so when you are done with your activities for the day you can go back to your site and start up the fire, for some hot dogs and marshmallows.

Echo Lake Campground- This campground is off the rustic path. About 14 miles south of Idaho Springs, located close to Echo Lake Park, there are tons of great hiking spots, so you are sure to start your morning off right at this campground.

One of the greatest parts about camping is  the the whole outdoor experience. With camping you can plan out a whole week around hiking, hot springs, scenic views, rafting, zip lining, horseback riding, and so much more! With so many wonderful experiences you will create lasting memories with families and friends.


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