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Celebrating Arbor Day with Colorado Zipline

Colorado Fall Foliage

The origins of Arbor Day date all the way back to the 1800’s as a way to save eroding soil, give shade from the sun and create windbreaks or building materials. All states observe Arbor Day, usually at the end of April but the date can change a bit due to regional weather conditions. For a country that consumes an enormous amount of paper and wood each year this has become a very worthy cause to get behind in our local communities.

IMG_1230-450Around that same time in history people started using cables stretched between two locations for transportation purposes such as food, tools and even ammunition. Mostly the cabling would be secured between trees over hard to navigate areas. This system was heavily used and safely perfected over the years.

More recent history as an outgrowth of biologist attempting to study the upper canopies of the rain forest with the very least amount of impact, assembled the modern-day Zip Lines.

An outgrowth of this history is todays very exciting Zip Line Tours. Combining the use of trees and platforms zipline has an extremely low impact on the trees. By setting a course these zip lines can be used for educational awareness of the forest ecology and for the pure fun of flying through the air between trees provided by professional zip line companies. The exciting zip lining is a guided tour with safety classes being required along with equipment, things you will be fitted for is your harness, helmet and gloves. The harness is your support to the line, helmet to protect from any bumps and gloves for hand protection but mainly used for controling your speed. So this Arbor Day, first go plant a few tree then find a Colorado Zipline for a great experience.


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