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Buena Vista Zipline Colorado

Ziplining season is officially here! Blue skies and summer weather, sunshine and cool breezes all work to make Colorado the perfect ziplining location! Check out the happy faces below from some of our most recent trips.

granite zip 616

This happy family takes a short break from their adventure to strike a pose along our Mountaintop Zipline Course in Granite, Co. Here, you will see vast panoramas of the beautiful high country.


Experience a thrill like none other as you brave the drop in front of you and take a step of faith towards the rush of a lifetime!


Ziplining is quickly becoming  the go-to activity for families, groups, individuals and couples!


As you can clearly see, all you need to do is just sit there! Gravity does all of the work and zip and zooms you quickly and safely to the next platform.


The perfect form for ziplining, the “L shape,” enables you to remain facing down the zipline and creates the perfect pose for your glamour shot.


Children as young as 7 years old are able to zipline at our Idaho Springs cliffside zipline course! Located just a quick 30-45 minute jaunt from Denver, you’ll be out zipping to the soundtrack of your life, in no time!


Be sure to smile and wave at the camera to capture the joy and exhiliration on your face as you soar over beautiful valleys, streams, trees and mountain life.


Don’t be afraid! Our certified zipline guides are there with you every step of the way! Needing a bit of motivation to take that last step? Our guides will gladly give you that shove, er, gentle push, that you need!


Once you take that last step, you worries and fears will fade as you mind and body are whisked away and captivated by the immense beauty that surrounds.

Check into taking your family or group out to experience one of the most freeing activities that just about anyone can do! Give us a jingle over at 1-877-RAF-TING (1-877-723-8464) and one of our very personable sales agents will work together with you, to create the perfect trip for everyone!


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