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Colorado Zipline

Newest Zipline Photos!

Mountaintop Zipline Course – Granite, Co.


Check out some of the freshest zippers around catching some fresh air high atop our Mountaintop Zipline Course in Granite, Co.


Ample of opportunity for family portraits, our Arkansas River backdrop can’t be beat!


This is the approach to our tree platform takeoff. HOLD ON TIGHT!


Finally making it up the tricky walkway, to which, you are fully secured, this guy is about to take the leap.


Be sure to look down!

(It’s a great way to face your acrophobia)


Or if looking down isn’t in your flight plan, fix your eyes on the camera and our photographers will capture the perfect shot!


Great for families with children as young as 10 and that weigh at least 75lbs, our Mountaintop Zipline Course is bound to thrill!

Cliffside Zipline Course – Idaho Springs, Co.


Come check out our Idaho Springs Cliffside zipline course like this awesome lil dude did!


You’ll be smiling all the way through our 6 different ziplines and several other additional adventure elements.


A great way to rekindle the fire, bring your love along and create some sparks of your own!


Or bring the entire family and restore the bonds that we sometimes forget about.


Children as young as 7 years old and at least 50 lbs are able to come zip along with the rest of the family, at our Idaho Springs course.


One of the new adventure elements, our free-fall, is pictured here.


A wee bit nervous about the 65′ fall, this uneasy adventure seeker is a bit hesitant to take the leap.


It didn’t take long for our nervous adventurers husband to move right past and take the leap for her.


Fun for everyone, this cherished adventure is bound to create memories to last a lifetime.


Come zip away with us and absorb all of the life and beauty the Colorado Rockies have for you, today!

Plan you trip here or give us a call at 1-877-RAF-TING and leave the grunt work to us!


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