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Fall Featured Package: Zip & Sip

Colorado Zipline in the Fall

IMG_0007Colorado is just about the best place to absorb the beauty and energy of the Earths transition from summer into winter. In Colorado High Country, it takes only a few short weeks for the leaves to start their wardrobe switch into softer hues and then be completely gone before you know it! The normal colors of nature are currently undergoing this metamorphosis, so now is the time to take a day trip and bask in the presence of falls beautiful colors. To provide everyone with the opportunity to do this, Colorado Zipline presents our fall featured package: Zip & Sip!

In addition to witnessing the changing of colors, our Zip & Sip package combines three additional great activities; ziplining, eating and beer!

First, meet at ourIMG_0308-1200 Idaho Springs, Clear Creek outpost and get suited up for an exhilarating zipline & aerial adventure tour on our newly updated course! Hop in the back of our souped-up zip truck and our professional guides will transport everyone to the tip-top start of our course. As our course is built into the natural topography of the mountain, it prevents our guests from having to walk up anything, at all! The only required walking are the short hikes to the start of each zipline. After zipping through and over the inspiring scenery, guests will be able to test their will on one of our many newly added features, like the Free Fall!

TommyknockerAs soon as everyone zips over Chicago Creek and down to the back door of the outpost, our guides will get all of the gear removed, photos divvied out and guests headed in the right direction to TommyKnocker Brewery! At TommyKnocker, zip n sippers will be able to grab a lite meal and choose a pint from any number of choices. The menu is a small sampling, but has something for everyone! Remember to bring the confirmation email with, as this document will be necessary for the special selections.

Hope to Zip & Sip with some of you soon, before old man winter comes and blows all of the leaves off of the trees!


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