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The History of The Zipline

Ziplining Idaho Springs Colorado

Today, we thought we would talk about the history of the Zipline on CO Zip. First of all, let’s define a zipline. A zipline consists of a suspended cable with a sliding pulley. You usually find that a zipline made of a stainless steel cable mounted between two points on an incline. Ziplines are designed to propel an individual using gravity from point A to point B while holding onto or being attached to a sliding pulley.

Next let’s start with the beginning of ziplining. There is no official record of when the first zipline was established, but it is no secret that people living in mountainous regions such as the Alps and Himalayas strung up ziplines early in history as a means of efficient transportation through rugged terrain and a convenient way to transport supplies. Ziplines were also prominent in Australia at one point in time to deliver food and goods between people working on the sides of rivers or large valleys. The Australian Army has used ziplines to deliver food, mail, and ammo during past conflicts.

IMG_0056-450Approaching more modern times, the people responsible for making the zip-line popular are the adventurous individuals known as wildlife biologists.  Biologists needed to use ziplines to study dense forests around the world. They used ziplines as an approach to get into or above forest canopies.

These biologists unknowingly paved the way to zipline tours as a form of recreation for tourists and thrill-seekers. Costa Rica was one of the first countries to open up ziplines for recreational purposes offering people the opportunity to zip over and through scenic habitats.

Ziplines have since become a large part of ropes challenge courses with their popularity spreading into the United States and countries across the globe. According to the Association of Challenge Course Technology there are more than 150 ropes courses featuring zip-lines in just the United States.

That’s the history of ziplines! Interesting, huh? Next time you want to soar above the trees in Colorado call AVA Zipline Tours to book your trip!


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