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How to Plan for Summer Weekend Traffic

Colorado Weekend Traffic

There is nothing like spending a weekend in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! One deterrent of this lovely adventure is the traffic to get home on that Sunday afternoon. Make the smart play and plan your travels accordingly!  

_DSC9407Generally Friday afternoons and Sundays from 11am to 7pm experience more traffic. Try saving the drive for later evening or get out of work an hour or 2 early to hit the road early and beat the traffic. When returning take a few extra hours and walk the streets of Breckenridge or stop for dinner in Downtown Dillon at Arapahoe Café 

Spend an extra night in the Rocky Mountains and wake up early to travel Monday morning. The drive will be quick and painless with very few fellow friends on the road. Luckily Starbucks opens so early to grab a quick coffee and hit the road.  

Be sure to check traffic at CDOT for up to date travel times. The website also gives suggestions on when the best time to travel during the busy summer weekends.  

While heading back to the front range take a trip on the wild side and stop at our Idaho Springs Outpost for an evening cliffside zip line course. We have times running from 8am to 6pm every hour. Spend a few hours zig zagging down a cliff face watching all the people sit in traffic, by the time you’re all done the traffic should of passed, which offers you a quick ride home.  

IMG_3481Another suggestion to is to travel during the week! Plan your Colorado adventure from weekday to weekday (for example Wednesday to Wednesday) and avoid all traffic all together. That way you beat the traffic and avoid the crowds.  

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call to ask locals on their thoughts and experiences with the Colorado traffic!