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How to Skip I-70 Traffic

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and absolutely hated it? Well I certainly have. It is time consuming and when you are trying to get somewhere it can be quite frustrating. Whether you are familiar with Colorado’s most traveled interstate or not, this will be helpful. There are ways to avoid spending half of your day waiting around in traffic on I-70. Here are 10 ways to avoid I-70 congestion.

1- Download the CDOT Application. This is a way where you can quickly check out what the roads are looking like on I-70 and if there is any traffic at all. It is simple and easy to download and setup.

tunnel congestion2- CDOT on Twitter. CDOT has a twitter that they update very frequently. You can follow them at here to find out the latest updates on I-70!

3- Check the I-70 Traffic Cams. The best way to check out what the roads are looking like at that exact moment is by looking at the multiple webcams that are all across the I-70 corridor. It is a great way to check up on the current road conditions and traffic.

4- Try to Avoid Peak Times! This is very important, because rush hour definitely effects I-70!

5- Try Not to Drive on I-70 during the Holidays. Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day are some of the busiest traffic days of the season. It will definitely take you a lot longer to travel to your destination on these particular holidays.

6- Carpool! This is a great option so we can have fewer cars on I-70 to lighten up the congestion. There is also a new Express Lane that can be another option for frequent travelers that are okay with paying a toll to move a little bit faster.

7- Avoid Leaving the Mountains on Sundays. This is a big traffic time for all of the people who came up to ski for the weekend and are trying to head back down to Denver.

8- Try to Avoid Driving from Denver to the Mountains on Fridays. This is just another very popular time for people to start heading up to the ski resorts for the weekend.

9- Make sure to check if there is a closure at the tunnels! The Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnels and the Twin Tunnels in Idaho Springs are two places where traffic can definitely build up. If they close either of the tunnels you will have to wait it out until they are ready to open them back up, which could take awhile!

10- Make Sure to Drive Safe! If you are not comfortable with driving in the snow, let a mountain shuttle provider, such as Peak 1 Express, take that stress off your hands. P1E is an Airport Shuttle Company that also provides Private Services. Accidents cause traffic jams. So help keep the roads safe by either driving safely or getting a ride with professionals who handle these conditions everyday!


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