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Interesting Facts About the Zipline Industry

What to Wear Ziplining in Colorado

If you love to explore new, fun and exhilarating activities, then ziplining is for you! There are zipline courses located all over the world that offer tons of different experiences. Zip lines have been used for centuries in one form or another for a variety of different things, such as transportation, harvesting, ecotourism, excitement and pure joy. Zip line companies are growing rapidly and quickly evolving, competing in height, distance and speed.

Today the Zipline industry is continuing to grow and is having less and less emphasis on the ecotourism aspect of ziplining. With that being said, zipline companies are focusing more on the pure enjoyment their customers have and the overall experience. Ziplining as a whole has grown tremendously and just keeps evolving. There are endless amounts of interesting facts about the Zipline Industry. Here are the 10 Top Facts you should know about ziplining.

  1. Zip lining began as a necessity and not as an amusement ride.
  2. Zip lining is fueled by gravity.
  3. Other words for ziplining are “flying fox”, “inclined strong” and “tyrolean crossing”.
  4. In 1897 H.G. Wells referenced an “incline strong” in his novel “the invisible man”.
  5. Costa Rica turned this necessity into a tourist attraction during the 90’s.
  6. The zip cables are “galvanized air craft steel” which is the same cable to catch jets on aircraft carriers.
  7. There are more than 400 commercial zip lines in the United States. In the year 2000 there were only 10.
  8. There are commercial zip lines in 72 countries and on six continents in the world.
  9. North Carolina has the most ziplines in the United States, with over 24.
  10. The longest zipline in the world is 7,260 feet long and can be found in Rocca Miassima, Italy at the Volo Dell’angelo.

Ok, now take a deep breath, you did it. Well, not yet, but you will and it will be legend-wait for it-dary! Now that you know the ins and outs and a little history of the business, it’s time to become one with the sky and go test your boundaries! Good Luck!


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