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Why We Love Zipline (And You Should, Too!)

Colorado Zipline

What could be better than flying high above the trees, cruising from mountaintop to mountaintop, or dropping down a cliffside? Well we certainly can’t think of anything, which is exactly why we love ziplining, and you should too!

IMG_1272-450With not just one, but two awesome zipline courses, we have high flying fun all across the state! Our Mountaintop Zip course, located in Buena Vista, features seven lines situated over 44 acres of pristine mountainous land. While you travel over 3,500 feet, your heart will be pounding with excitement as you leap from our platforms and whiz down cable lines. Zooming by mighty pine trees, overlooking the 14,000 ft Collegiate Peaks, you will be hard pressed not to find awe inspiring views.

IMG_0010-450Likewise, with our Idaho Springs’ Cliffside Zipline, the views will be sure to astonish. Soaring high above the historic town of Idaho Springs, you will see remnants of old gold mines and experience thrilling lines down through treetops. With a 50 foot free fall and tons of other great features, such as a few hanging log bridges, a skateboard zipline, and much more, it will be hard not to love ziplining once this course is over.

Ziplining is a thrilling way to explore. With great scenery surrounding you and exhilarating lines, you will be sure to have some fun!


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