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Mountaintop or Cliffside Zipline: The Difference Between Our Courses

Kids Ziplining in Colorado

For those looking for high adrenaline adventures with a love of heights and high speeds, ziplining should be your go-to activity for a day full of thrills. For granite zip laurie guest photothose who have never been ziplining it is an exhilarating activity in which you are harnessed to a suspended line that takes you soaring from one destination to the next. Here at Colorado Zipline we strive to have one of the best zipline courses in the US by constantly upgrading our gear as well as frequently making our courses larger and more extreme. The dilemma when booking is which course, the Mountaintop Zipline in Granite or the Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs, is going to be best for yourself? Here are the differences between our two courses.

Colorado Zipline offers a Mountaintop Zipline course in Granite, near Buena Vista, as well as our Cliffside Zipline course found in Idaho Springs. The two courses vary both in scenery as well as features. The topographical set up for our Idaho Springs course is quite literally running down a cliff side while our Granite location is situated in a piney forest along the high ground of the forest. Our Cliffside Zipline offers six different ziplines and four different rope course features while our Mountaintop Zipline offers seven ziplines and three rope course features. Another very large difference between the two are their geographical location. Our Cliffside Zipline is located about 45 minutes outside of Denver and our Mountaintop Zipline is about and hour and fifteen minutes south west of Breckenridge.

For those living in Colorado come check them both out, as they are very unique and customized to their location. For more information on our zipline courses and other activities feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581 to speak to our local experts. Have a Happy New Year everybody!


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