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New Year’s Resolutions with Colorado Zipline

Breckenridge Colorado Fireworks

With 2015 coming to a close and the New Year just around the corner, many people are coming up with their New Year’s resolution for 2016. Most people are looking to quit smoking, start going to the gym, cut out the fast food or get that job you’ve wanted since you were a kid. One resolution that is often overlooked is getting outside more often. Here are a couple of reasons to conquer your New Year’s resolutions with Colorado Zipline in 2016!

_DSC9407There are multiple ways to get outdoors and enjoy all that mother nature has to shared with us. It can be as easy as walking over to local park and soaking in the scenery or as difficult as mountain biking down a 14er. Colorado Zipline offers an excellent medium on either of our two zipline courses. Ziplining is a high adrenaline activity that combines heights, high speeds and beautiful scenery into an excellent day of adventure. Colorado Zipline has two excellent zipline courses in Colorado, with the Cliffside Zipline found in Idaho Springs and Mountaintop Zipline found just outside of beautiful Buena Vista. The Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline offers six lines and three rope course features which include a side by side race line where you can reach speeds up to 30 mph, as well as a 50 ft freefall feature that will definitely get the blood flowing. The Mountaintop Zipline in Buena Vista offers excellent views of the Collegiate mountain range in collaboration with a sprawling pine forest and gorgeous painted gorge walls.

Regardless if your New Years resolution includes conquering one of you biggest fears or just picking up an old habit, do not fall short this year! Ziplining is an excellent way to conquer your fear of heights and get outside for some fresh air. Don’t miss your chance reserve your spot on either of the two courses for this 2016 season. For booking or more information about the area feel free to call anyone of our local experts at (800) 370-0581.