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Our 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

In just a few days, everyone will come to a decision of some way to better their life and wellbeing during the year of 2018.  Some of the classic New Year’s resolutions are working out regularly, not drinking soda anymore, dropping a few of those winter pounds, or quitting smoking.  We’re thinking outside of the box this year and want to make some resolutions to get us out of our comfort zone.  Hopefully this list we’ve compiled will inspire you to think about your resolution in depth and make some positive changes for 2018.


It’s easy to veer toward what you already know when it comes to traveling, activities, food, clothing… even TV channels.  Ask yourself: What’s my go-to?  Whatever you answer, vow to make that your last resort this year.  Go somewhere you’ve never been before, try the weird octopus dish at the restaurant on Main Street, and dive into a new outdoor activity you’ve never heard of.  Planning an adventure on AVA’s Via Ferrata is the perfect start for this resolution.  Think ziplining… on steroids.  The Via Ferrata is a mountaineering excursion that will have you traversing the cliffside via iron rungs, rappelling down a 70-foot rock face, free falling 50 feet off of a suspended bridge, and ziplining over the beautiful Chicago Creek back to AVA’s Idaho Springs outpost.


Living in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the high country is riddled with ski resorts left and right making it easy to grab a season pass and snag that first chair up the hill on a powder day.  We’re thinking that this year, we’ll start skinning up the slopes early in the morning and have our reward be those fresh turns back down the mountain.  Before you purchase any alpine touring gear, make sure you have extended knowledge on avalanche safety.  After you’re comfortable with the possible dangers of exploring the backcountry, check out what Outdoor Gear Lab claims as the best climbing skin setups here.  Hiking a mountain during sunrise is a great way to kick off your day, and you’re guaranteed the best snow of the day whether you’re skinning up a resort or venturing through the backcountry.


Though our whitewater rafting and zipline guides clock an overabundance of hours during thesummer season, they are lucky enough to work outside every single day.  Most of us spend 40 hours in an office each week and may not get enough fresh air between Monday and Friday.  We’re putting it on our radar for 2018 to devote at least half an hour every day to the lovely Mother Nature.  Whether that means taking a short hike, walking the dog around the block before work in the morning, or silently soaking up some sunshine during a lunch break, we’re making it happen!

You have t-minus two days to solidify that resolution!  How will you set your 2018 up for success?


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