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Our Favorite Seasonal Beers

Seasonal Beers

With fall leaves beginning to change and night skies bringing hope of first snowfall, the 2016 winter is just around the corner. When the seasons begin to change the weather does with it. The days of 70 degree weather seem to disappear overnight and snow begins to fall during early mornings. The change in weather creates a change in activities; less people will be Tommyknocker in Idaho Springs is one of Colorado's many microbreweriesrafting Browns Canyon and more people will be getting their bindings and boards out preparing for the mountain resorts reopening.  The change in weather does more than change just your outdoor activities, it inspires local craft and microbreweries to bust out new and innovative blends of ales, porters, lagers and stouts. Here are some of our favorite seasonal beers for this upcoming winter season.

One of the favorites for our Idaho Springs outpost is Tommyknocker Brewery’s Alpine Glacier Lager that provides a nice citrus and piney tone with crisp medium body and low 5.1% ABV. For those more interested in a wheat beer you will not want to miss out on Avery Brewing Company White Rascal for an unmatched smoothness and lovely tones of coriander and orange. Odell Brewing Company offers their Oktoberfest Marzen from September through November a very nice rendition of a typical east german Marzen with a sweet malty body and hints of honey. For those looking for a stout look no further than Left Hand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout. Nitro Milk Stout offers a deep rich and sweet roasted coffee aroma and flavor that will leave a lingering tone of chocolate until your next sip. You will not want to miss out on this year’s excellent malty concoctions!

IMG_9607-1200Before the first snow fall touches ground you will not want to miss out on our awesome fall zipline. Our fall zipline offers ten different features, including six ziplines and four rope course features and is conveniently located about 45 minutes west of Denver. Our Idaho Springs Cliffside Zipline is located about 5 minutes from Tommyknocker Brewery, so make your plans for a high adrenaline adventure this season and a visit to Tommyknocker. For booking please give us a call at (800) 370-0581 to speak to any one of our excellent sales agents.


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