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Planning a Zipline Tour Around Summer Weather Patterns

Ahhhh… summertime in the high country. Cool mornings, beautiful bluebird skies, a typical rain storm in the afternoon, followed by an amazing sunset and crisp clear night sky. It is one of the main reasons people love to visit, and why some visitors have turned into longtime locals.

With a little time and planning, you can be sure to have a day you will not soon forget. For example: If you are wanting to go racing across the sky on our Mountain Top Zipline Course, maybe it would be better to get out early in the morning and take advantage of the cool crisp air before the sun starts to get high in the sky. We have an 8:00 AM start time to get you out there before it gets too hot. We also have Happy Hour Ziplining at 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM which is usually after the rain subsides and the sun comes back out. With a happy hour rate of $66.75 per person for adults, it is perfect for an after work adrenaline rush.

When the air starts to grow cooler, the rivers have subsided, and the rafting season has drawn to a close, we still have plenty of ziplining to keep things going well into August and September. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our zipline specials. We are currently offering a buy one get one half off deal on zipline tours during the month of August.

Whether you are a visitor wanting to get the full experience of the mountains, or a local wanting a little extra excitement, check our trips and pick out your next adventure. There is plenty to choose from. With everything from a calm float down a scenic river, to the heart pounding class V rapids of Gore Canyon or soaring high above tree tops on our Mountain Top Zip Line. There is something for everyone so check it out. Let us guide you on your next adventure!


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