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Planning a Zipline Trip

Zipline Colorado

If you’re planning on coming to Colorado this summer for some adventure, be it rafting, biking, hiking, etc., a new activity growing in popularity that is a must do is ziplining. Flying through trees, over canyons, and standing on treehouse like platforms 200 feet in air is one heart pounding way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Colorado.

If you’re wondering what ziplining is and want a little bit more information, below is a step by step guide on how to plan your upcoming zipline adventure:

  • The Zipline: Both of our zipline courses are a string of six to seven different zips that take you from the top of a mountain back to our outpost. Enjoy a small hike at theKayla Thompson start and then take turns yelling ‘Yeeehaa’ through the trees and over canyons on the way to your next canopy platform. Our Idaho Springs zipline is a self-braking system where you have the ability to reach a hand back onto the wire (don’t worry, we provide you with gloves) to slow yourself down whereas our Granite zipline is equipped with an auto brake system.
  • What to wear: Long pants are preferable to prevent feeling any kind of burn from your harness. Tennis shoes are essential for the hike and short sleeves on a nice day or some form of windbreaker if the rain drops start to fall.
  • Age and weight restrictions: Granite Course: Every participant must be 10 years of age and at least 75lbs. Idaho Springs: Everyone must be 7 years of age and at least 50lbs._DSC7936
  • Afraid of heights?: Don’t worry, once you’re strapped in, the rest is a piece of cake. You’re secured into your harness through a string of belays and ropes to make sure nothing happens besides you having the time of your life.
  • Location, location, location: Idaho Springs is located 45 minutes west of Denver providing a close by jungle playground for those city folks. Granite is located outside of Buena Vista, CO and has great views of the collegiate peaks and Chaffee County.
  • Packages: Feeling adventurous? There are a number of different packages that combine whitewater rafting and ziplining so you can experience it all!
  • Final booking: Call our call center or book online if you already know what you want.

Happy flying!


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