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Sights you will see while Zipping with AVA

Collegiate Range Colorado

If you haven’t had the chance to go ziplining with AVA, boy are you missing out! AVA not only has one great zipline course, but two! Both our Cliffside and Mountaintop Ziplines are packed full of thrill sure to excite and stunning 360° views! To help pick the right course for you and your family take a look at these sights you will see while zipping with AVA!

Located just 45 minutes west of Denver is the small mountain town of Idaho Springs. Home to the first Colorado gold rush in 1859, Idaho Springs is rich in history. Once we drive you up to the start of our Cliffside Zipline course, you are overlooking all of Idaho Springs. From the top of the course you can see old mines where gold was first discovered. From the top of the cliff you will also have unparalleled views of the Continental Divide. The Continental Divide is essentially a mountain range running from Chile,South America, all the way through Alaska. The Divide separates the watersheds that drain into the Pacific versus the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. The Continental Divide is truly a spectacular sight, especially with the many peaks towering above 14,000ft! However, if looking to spy some more mountains our Mountaintop Zipline is the course for you!

Our Mountaintop Zipline located 20 minutes north of Buena Vista is must do if looking to see some stunning peaks from new heights. From high vantage points you will be awarded amazing views of the Collegiate Range. The Collegiate Range is home to 19 peaks, 9 of which rest above 14,000ft. While it is easy to stare off into the distance and get lost in the beauty of the peaks, don’t forget to look down. Rushing by, right below you while zipping is the Arkansas River. However, bordering the river are grand alpine desert canyons and cliffs. Your only problem when zipping on this course is you won’t know where to look. The massive peaks, the river flowing below you, or the pristine desert scenery, no matter the view, it is all great!

Ziplining with AVA isn’t just an “activity,” it is an experience. With special features in both of our courses, providing access to breathtaking views, there is no reason not to go! For a more complete description of our courses check out our website!


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