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Summer Planning Guide

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cocktails-648851_1280When planning our picturesque summer vacations our minds often drifts off to napping on a white sandy beach in the Caribbean or standing atop a rugged mountain peak in the Rocky Mountains. The best way to accomplish these summer time goals are to make sure you have made the proper arrangements ahead of time. The list of things to do here in the mountains seems to be endless between places to visit and activities to partake in. Here is a short guide on how select your activities and the steps needed to accomplish these trips during your stay in Colorado. 

When planning the summer vacation of your dreams you will want to pick the activities that interest you the most and try to stick with them the best you can, e.g. rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, hiking and fly fishing. The easiest way to plan these activities are to contact various adventure outfitters in the area you plan to visit, by doing so you may find that they will have packages that will cover some of your activities in condensed trips. For instance you may find rock climbing and zipline combo that may only take one day of your time allowing for additional activities or down time to relax. You may get even luckier and find a three day trip that offers whitewater rafting, rock climbing, inflatable kayaking, ziplining and the option for self-guided fly fishing on gold medal water. One thing to keep in mind while planning these various activities is the high altitude environment you will be staying in. You may want to leave the strenuous activities until later in the trip to allow your body to acclimate. 

Source: Colorado Balloon Rides

Source: Colorado Balloon Rides

Remember to book in advance (recommend 4-6 weeks in advance) to make sure there is the exact availability you will need for your planning. For information on some adventure tours in Colorado feel free to give us a call at (800) 370-0581.


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