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Take Your Family Ziplining this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving usually consists lots of food and lots of football! Instead, why not mix things up a bit and have an adventure this holiday? AVA’s mountaintop zipine will be running tours throughout Thanksgiving weekend. A high flying zipline tour might be just what your family needs to wrap up a wonderful holiday.  AVA offers a 2 hour zipline tour in Idaho Springs featuring six different mountaintop ziplines.                                                                                                                                                         ava zip

When most people are wasting their Thanksgiving vacation on the couch, you could be flying through the trees while viewing gorgeous Rocky Mountain views. AVA’s zipline course is unique in that it features Cliffside ziplines that offer varying speeds and lengths. Thanksgiving is the time to share food and experiences with friends and family. An AVA Cliffside zipline tour is the perfect experience to share with loved ones. Watching your family zip from tree to tree will truly be a memory that they will never forget.



Take your experience home with you! AVA’s Cliffside ziplining features professional photographers that will capture your family on the course at a variety of angles on various parts of the course. Pictures can be purchased at the end of the tour or, feel free to call our sales and reservations office to purchase photos after you leave our outpost. Instead of the same old boring family photo to send to all of your loved ones, send a zipline family photo! Friends and family are sure to love these photos as they really capture the excitement of a holiday zipline tour!


AVA rafting and Mountaintop zipline will be running tours at various time slots throughout the Thanksgiving holiday break. For more information on Thanksgiving zipline tours please call our sales and reservations office at 855-ZIPPING or click here to book a trip!





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