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The 5 Best Zipline Courses near Breckenridge, Colorado

Zipline Colorado

When people think of Breckenridge, CO, their minds often wander to thoughts of flying down a mountain on skis or a snowboard enjoying one of the world’s best ski resorts! But what many fail to realize is that winter is simple where the fun begins and the warmer seasons in Breckenridge offer countless outdoor experiences that are sure to keep visitors busy. In spring, summer, and fall thrill seekers can experience Colorado by flying through the air on one of the state’s many epic zipline tours. These tours can be found all over the state and are absolutely one of the easiest and most fun ways to see the beautiful views of Colorado. We’ve scoured threw some of the states most exciting zips and broken them all down for you!

Colorado Via Ferrata

1.) Epic Discover at Breckenridge

While the Breckenridge slopes entertain well over a million skiers every winter, the slopes are far from falling dormant in the summers. The mountain boasts three different zipline tours in the summers, with the Expedition tour being it’s most expansive tour zipline experience ever. The Expedition zipline tour takes guests on a series of eight different zips between ten towers and even includes a 200ft long aerial bridge walk. Then there is the Breck Flyer Zipline which has two different sections that travel a distance of over 1,400 feet, while towering over 50 feet off the ground. Breckenridge even has something for the little ones who are looking to take a zipline with the Little Flyer Zip.

2.) Top of the Rockies Zipline

  • Located at Altitude of 11,200 Feet
  • Views of Mount Massive, Mount Elbert
  • Open Summer and Winter

About 30 miles outside of Breckenridge and right outside of Leadville, is the Top of the Rockies zipline! This tour starts high in the clouds at an alititude of 11,200 feet. Zipliners on this tour will be able to take in incredible views of two of Colorado’s 14,ers (peaks above 14,000 feet tall). Mount Massive and Mount Elbert are visible on this tour, and are truly a awe-inspiring sight with Mount Elbert having the title of highest peak in Colorado! The views in the distance are incredible but don’t forget to look down while gliding on this zipline, its the only one that actually flys over a running train and even can offer views of elk down below. Only going to be here during the winter? No problem! This zipline even operates all the way through the winter as well!

3.) Epic Discovery at Vail

About 36 miles from Breckenridge, Epic Discovery has 3 zipline tours that are similar to Breckenridge’s Epic Discovery but with vastly different views. Bewtween the Game Creek, Golden Eagle, and Little Eagle ziplines, there really is something for everyone. The Game Creek tour is made up of seven different zipline and several aerial bridges and takes anywhere between three to four hours to complete!¬†Each of these ziplines will all provide terrific views of Vail Valley and the Gore Range!

4.) AVA’s Cliffside Zipline Tour

  • 6 Ziplines
  • Open March-November
  • Unique Features
    • “Surf-Zip”
    • “Jungle Swing”
    • 50 Foot Free Fall

Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA) Cliffside Zipline course is found in the historic town of Idaho Springs, about 45 minutes away from Breckenridge. Idaho Springs, was founded in 1859 when those in search of gold flocked this mining region. While its not far from Breck, it is just a half hour drive from Denver. The zipline course is open March through November and consists of 6 different lines. The ziplines may be the main draw to this course but the unique features like a “surf-zip”, “jungle swing”, and 50 foot free fall, all make the course one one you won’t soon forget.

Colorado Via Ferrata Step By Step

5.) AVA’s Mountaintop Zipline

  • 7 Ziplines
  • 900 Foot Race-Zip
  • 50 Foot Free Fall

AVA has done it again with this one. The Mountaintop zipline is in Buena Vista, just 57 miles from Breckenridge. This course has seven different zips, one of which is a 900-foot side by side zipline where you can race your friends. Like the Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs, this also offers a “surf-zip” and 50 foot free fall. This tour will open up beautiful views of the Collegiate Peaks and Arkansas River while visitors fly around the ziplines.

Colorado Zipline Tour

So if you find yourself in Breckenridge anytime soon, be sure to check out one or a few of these incredible activities that Colorado has to offer!


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