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The 5 Best Zipline Courses near Breckenridge, Colorado

Zipline Colorado

When people think of Breckenridge, CO, their minds often wander to thoughts of flying down a mountain on skis or a snowboard enjoying one of the world’s best ski resorts! But what many fail to realize is that winter is simple where the fun begins and the warmer seasons in Breckenridge offer countless outdoor experiences that are sure to keep visitors busy. In spring, summer, and fall thrill seekers can experience Colorado by flying through the air on one of the state’s many epic zipline tours. These tours can be found all over the state and are absolutely one of the easiest and most fun ways to see the beautiful views of Colorado. We’ve scoured threw some of the states most exciting zips and broken them all down for you!

After our list, keep reading for a breakdown of zipline safety!

There are a few different ziplining courses across Colorado… Here are some of the best!

Cliffside Ziplining (Idaho Springs CO)

  • About 1 hour from Breckenridge
  • 6 full ziplines and a 50-foot free fall!

Mountaintop Ziplining (Buena Vista CO)

  • About 1 hour and 15 minutes from Breckenridge
  • 6 zip lines take you zooming a total of 3,500 total feet!

Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours (Canon City CO)

  • About 2 hours from Breckenridge
  • 20 total ziplines and 3 miles of adventure!

Steamboat Zipline Adventures (Steamboat Springs CO)

  • About 2 hours from Breckenridge
  • 6 full ziplines!

Top of the Rockies Zip Line (Leadville CO)

  • About 1 hour from Breckenridge
  • Great views of Mount Elbert and Mount Massive… Two of the tallest peaks in North America!

Pikes Peak Zipline (Manitou Springs CO)

  • About 2 hours from Breckenridge
  • Jump off the edge of a cliff to start a thrilling zipline course!

Safety Tips for Ziplining?

All adventure activities will have certain inherent risks involved. All guides are required to complete an extensive training and certification program. Follow these safety guidelines and you will have a fantastic time:

1. Stick to professional courses only!

2. Safety Demonstration – you should get a rundown on how the equipment works, how to land, and the best ways to hold on to the harness.

3. Make sure you have a proper fitting helmet and harness!

4. Always stay clipped in – you will have two clips attached to your harness. One will attach to the platform or cable at all times to keep you secure!

5. Listen to your guide!! — Your experience is in your guides hands. LISTEN TO THEM! If they say move away from the edge of the platform then please do. Since you will be touring with a group the guide needs to be able to focus on who is currently zipping. It is hard to focus if they are constantly having to tell someone the same thing over and over again.

6. Know your limits – Guides have seen it all. But if you have serious issues with heights be real with yourself and your guides. They are there to help you and allow you to have a fantastic experience/ adventure.

Remember that rule number one of ziplining is having fun! So be properly prepared and be ready to conquer some fears while smiling the entire way! Zipline season is fast approaching, late May through early November. So, make sure to get out onto one of the great courses close to Breckenridge.