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The History of Mt. Evans

Cliffside Zipline

Mount Evans is one of the most easily accessible 14ers from the Denver area and also serves as one of the best overlooks for the Denver area. The mountain sits at an elevation of 14,271ft. It was named after the second territorial governor of Colorado, John Evans in 1895.

DSC_2211In the early 1900’s Colorado was in the process of attracting tourists to the state. Colorado Springs had recently constructed a road up the side of Pikes Peak. The road was such a success it began drawing people away from the Denver area. In an attempt to draw people closer to the Denver area, a road to the top of Mount Evans was proposed and constructed by 1927. The road claims fame to the highest road in North America.

The road allows locals and tourists to drive to the top of one of Colorado’s most prominent 14,000ft peaks. The road allows you to get within a ¼ mile of the peak by car. From there its a short hike to the actual peak. After making the trek Coloradans and visitors can return home with the bragging rights of summiting one of Colorado’s 14ers. In 1942 a restaurant was built near the top of the road called the Crest House, where where visitors could purchase food and memorabilia. Unfortunately the Crest House burnt down in 1971. A viewing platform still exists in the Crest Houses location.

IMG_9401The road to the top of Mount Evans can be accessed from Idaho Springs about an hour drive away from Denver. Before or after the drive to the top of Mount Evans visitors can enjoy the Cliffside Zipline course at AVA’s Idaho Springs location. Visitors will experience a high adrenaline zipline course that zig-zags down the mountain side, over cliffs, and through other aerial features built into the course that are sure to be a thrilling experience! If the zip line course didn’t offer enough excitement stomach dropping white water rafting trips and high alpine ATV tours are also offered and sure to fulfill one’s thirst for adventure. So come on out to Idaho Springs, where you can hike a 14er, go ziplining, and take an ATV tour all in one day!


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