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Tips for Planning a Memorial Day Zipline Trip

Ziplining Near Denver Colorado

WetAs some of you probably know, May is typically Colorado’s wettest month. Even though, mud season can sometimes detract us from going outside, it still doesn’t stop us from doing the things that we love to do. The rain typically doesn’t last long anyways, and that’s why we are offering these tips for planning a Memorial Day zipline trip. Here’s a list of five items that will be sure to elevate your experience while out in Beautiful Colorado!

A Waterproof or Resistant Jacket

If you have a light rain jacket, then it’s definitely a good idea to bring it with you. Water resistant material is great for this type of activity because it will not only keep you dry, but it will protect you from the wind as well. As previously stated, it’s a good idea to bring one with you, but not 100% necessary. Plenty of our guests wear shorts and a t-shirt, so it’s up to your preference.

An Extra Layer

Say that you don’t have a water resistant jacket and you only layered up with t-shirts and sweatshirts. If it starts to rain out there you may end up getting wet. After your zip trip is over, you may want to get out of those wet clothes and jump into something that’s warm and dry. Leaving your favorite Bill Cosby sweater in the car will allow you to toss it on when the day is done.


Despite the rain and clouds, there could very well be a hearty amount of sunshine while out on your zipline tour. Even if it doesn’t look sunny, the UV rays from the sun still break through the clouds. At higher elevation, these rays are more intense and you can actually damage your eyeballs if you don’t protect ‘em. So keep your shades on!


Remember what we mentioned above regarding those pesky UV rays, even if it’s cloudy out? Just like your eyes, you’ve got to protect your skin when you’re cruising at the speed of light down our zipline course. Don’t be “that one guy” who shows up with sunglasses and no sunscreen, because you’ll leave with a raccoon tan line, as if you fell asleep on the beach. Getting burned is definitely not cool…get it, not “cool?”

Camera/ GoPro

While you’re out on the course, our photo companies will be taking pictures of you and your group, but if you want to re-live your journey in its entirety, you can bring your own camera. Mount a GoPro to your helmet or yourself, and get a first person point of view of the action. You may also bring a digital camera so you can upload any photo gems to your social media account. How many pictures are too many pictures? Trick question, you can never have too many pictures. #LetMeTakeASelfie

Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks! There are good times to be had out on our Zipline Courses, and we want you to be prepared! These five items will surely boost your experience with us, but keep in mind that these are purely recommendations. We also recommend not wearing “jorts” but that’s a matter of personal opinion. Happy Zipping!