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What Gear is Used on AVA’s Colorado Mountaintop Adventures?

Colorado Zipline Equipment

Looking for a great adventure for you and the rest of your family? Ziplining is a perfect activity for all generations. No more worrying about leaving the young ones behind, because AVA’s zipline courses at invite adventurers as young as 6 years old aboard. We all know that the activity means nothing without having an awesome location to zipline at, and that’s why AVA chose two locations in Colorado for these aerial adventures.  Whether you’re wanting to stick around the Denver area or try out a true Rocky Mountain experience, AVA has options for you.  Here’s what type of safety precautions are taken on our zipline courses and what gear you’ll be using along the way.

The Gear You Need for Ziplining

With our tour guides knowledge and expertise, you can feel confident in knowing that AVA will have you properly prepared before hitting the lines. The guides will go over all of your equipment to inform you on their uses and how they work.  Along with reviewing over the tools, AVA will address what to expect when embarking on your journey and tell you how to react and how not to react in different situations you may encounter. Your instructors will fit you perfectly with gear, grab a pair of glovers for you as well as a hand brake to go over your dominant hand’s glove. This padded type material was meant to help us control the speed. Each guest is required to wear a helmet on their trip as well.

Colorado Zipline Gear

Extra Gear for a Via Ferrata Trip

You’ll be fitted with a few more pieces of equipment if you chose to venture out on the Via Ferrata with AVA.  A double-sided lanyard clamp device is used for safety reasons when mountain traversing.  Since our Via Ferrata incorporates extra elements on top of ziplining including a bungee free fall, jungle bridge, and mountain traversing, you’ll need a bit more gear.  The greatest thing about these lanyard clamps you are equipped with is the fact that they have built in technology which will not allow you to be fully unclipped from the steel cable along the cliffside.  With the built-in safety mechanism, this device is fail proof and you can have the assurance you will be safe while participating in this adventurous activity.

Ground School

Whether you’re ziplining or heading out on the Via Ferrata, both courses include a ground school where you’ll get a practice run of this equipment prior to trying out the real thing.  Even if you can’t get it right away, our experienced guides are there to help you face your fears and challenge yourself on these aerial adventures.

AVA has your safety in mind along with the adventurous nature within each one of our customers. We will value your experience and properly prepare each one of our participants before embarking on your journey. Ziplining or Via Feratta, we are ready to blow your minds with the activities we have to offer along with the welcoming nature of our tour guides.

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