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What sets our courses apart?

Colorado Zipline Courses

Across Colorado and across the world, ziplining means different things to different people.  You’re always sliding along a cable, but that’s where the similarities end.  On some courses, you take a single long cable while on others you do several different zips.  In many cases you are zipping through a wide open space while in other cases you are zipping through the trees.  Even participation levels can vary – a lot of courses do not require you to do anything while some require that you brake.

So what are our courses like?

We try to make our zipline courses an outdoor adventure, so we want you to be an active participant, and we want you to feel like your experiencing the Rocky Mountains.  Since you can zipline anywhere, we want our zipline tours to feel unique to Colorado and unique to the mountains.

The Guides

Our guides are a huge part of the experience, and we hire based both on safety skills and on guest service skills.  Your guide is going to show you how to zipline but also introduce you to the local history and topography and keep you entertained during your time on the course.  We your experience to be personalized, so your guide is going to take the time to get to know you and tailor the zipline tour to your comfort level and interests.

The Courses

Our zipline courses are mountaintop courses.  Rather than zipping across flat ground and open spaces, you’ll be whizzing through the trees and off cliffs, so you’ll be able to feel how fast you’re going.  Our courses are built into the topography of the land and each is unique to the area.  Our Idaho Springs course zigzags down a cliff face to our outpost while our Granite course weaves through rolling forest. Our courses each involve multiple zips so you can truly immerse yourself in the experience.  Our Idaho Springs course includes 6 different zips, and our Granite course includes 7 different zips.  Each trip is about 2.5 to 3 hours long.


We think it’s more fun to actively participate in your adventure, so we’re going to show you how to brake and give you different options for how to launch off each platform. Why sit passively when you can directly influence each zip?  Being an active participant also means that you can do the course over and over and each experience will be different.

Choose Colorado Zipline for a one-of-a-kind Colorado adventure experience!


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