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What should you know about ziplining?

Idaho Springs Colorado Zipline

Ever have a dream that you’re flying? That feeling of soaring through the air, being able to keep up with the birds as you zoom over and through trees, over mountaintops and cliffs… it tends to be a bit addicting. Well, when there’s a way to get that flying fix when you’re awake, why wait? Ziplining provides that same experience of rushing through the air, expect this time with the safety of a harness system.

So if this fix of flight all sounds wonderful for you, good news! AVA offers this fantastic flying experience in two great locations in the state of Colorado. Depending on your proximity and your need for speed on the course, one of these might just catch your eye. Here is what you should know about ziplining.


Can a ziplining course with grand scenery of the Gore Mountain range and surrounding Arkansas Valley get any better? With seven long, fast ziplines, the Granite course offers an exhilarating flight along the contours of the mountainside. Combined with this speedy zipline experience, this course also offers a swinging log bridge and a hanging log staircase- making this course even more adventures with the speed.

Idaho Springs

For those staying closer to the urban Front Range, Idaho Springs offers another flying adventure, just a little closer to home. In addition to the same bridge obstacles and exciting ziplines built into the natural settings at Granite, this course offers an additional free fall option, where guests can jump off a suspension bridge while attached to a gradual-release brake system, as well as a skateboard zipline! This option adds a little more adrenaline to the shorter ziplines at the Idaho Springs location.

Just a few things to think about…IMG_3301

But before going out on one of these fantastic zipline trips, there are just a few fundamental things you should probably know in the planning stages. For both of these zipline locations, there is a minimum age set at 7 years old to be able to go out. There is also a weight requirement for safety purposes, so all flyers must be over 40 pounds and under 250 pounds.

It is also pretty important to dress properly for the zipline, as wearing the wrong clothing can get uncomfortable quick. Such things as longer shorts or pants would be good to wear, so that your legs will be covered instead of being chafed by the harness. Closed toed shoes are also a requirement for all ziplines, so make sure to wear your best tennis shoes!

Hopefully everybody finds own dream of flight at one of our zipline courses in the state of Colorado!


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