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Where Can You Zipline During Colorado’s Winter?

As the popularity of winter sports grows, adventure companies are constantly striving to create new and different experiences for people to enjoy.  Skiing and snowboarding create the most demand in the winter months, however, the price to ride and the skill required can leave some folks looking for alternatives.

Though it is traditionally a summer time activity, ziplining demand has been slowly increasing for the winter months.  There are very few options available for zipline during the snow season in Colorado, and as we see the popularity increase, we’re sure the number of companies to offer ziplining during the winter will increase as well.  The following are the most popular zipline tour companies that operate during the winter.

Denver Zipline Tours

Denver Zipline Tours is open year round and located in the foothills 30 minutes west of Denver in Conifer.  With the fastest and longest ziplines in the state Colorado, Denver Ziplines boasts ziplines up to 1,900 ft in length, and reaches speeds up to 60 mph. Their courses are both thrilling and packed with adventure, and will hopefully not always be frigid due to the close proximity of the front range.

Breckenridge Zip Line Tours

Catch views of the Continental Divide and blankets of snow across Summit County on this 6-line course in Breckenridge!  Breckenridge Zip Line Tours sits on 2,000 acres and is guaranteed to give you a great experience!

Top of the Rockies

This great snowy zip spot is located in Leadville, Colorado.  Top of the Rockies allows you to combine other winter activities as well such as snowmobiling.  Be sure to bundle up for this one, Leadville is a good way into the mountains and will have a significant amount of snow during the winter!

Adventures Out West

Located in Manitou Springs, just west of Colorado Springs, Adventures Out West is easily accessible all times of the year.  Much like Denver Zipline Tours, you can find some warmer days during the winter to venture this way due to it’s lower elevation.

Crested Butte Resort

Crested Butte Resort, located in the heart of Colorado’s Rockies, is the latest and greatest to take on the winter ziplining crowd!  5 ziplines and a great rate starting at $66.00 for 2 hours of fast fun makes this a great alternative to the traditional winter activities. The awesome staff at Crested Butte resort will provide you with snow suits and boots, but be prepared to get a bit chilly on your tour.  Goggles, gloves, and face protection are highly advised.

Regardless of where you choose to book your adventure, you are sure to have a great time!  Colorado has always been known for fun all year round, and now you can add winter time ziplining to your to-do list.  If you prefer to wait for the warmer months, our Idaho Springs location opens the beginning of March!  Just a short drive west of Denver, this cliffside zipline is a great getaway from the front range.  We also offer a mountaineering expedition called the Via Ferrata!  Traverse the cliffside, do some assisted rock climbing, and zip back down to the outpost to finish up the tour.

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*Featured image courtesy of Breckenridge Snowmobiling Tours.


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