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Why You Should Go Ziplining in Colorado this Spring

Colorado Mountaintop Zipline Tours
Written by Alex Ferguson

If you think Colorado is meant for winter activities only, think again.  In the warmer months, Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.  Pathways twist among the foothills and mountains, are set alongside pristine streams, and yield some of the most inspiring views known to mankind.  However, anyone looking to step their adventure up should give ziplining a try this spring.

What to Expect on a Spring Ziplining Tour

A zipline consists of a pulley suspended on a cable usually made of stainless steel and is mounted on a slope.  Safely harnessed in, imagine yourself perched amongst the treetops with birds-eye views of the surrounding mountain vistas.  An endless expanse of Colorado’s deciduous plants and trees, such as aspens and cottonwood, will be turning the valley under you into a blanket of green.  You’ll take a leap of faith and swoop down and through this picturesque view of bountiful nature, asking yourself why you’ve waited this long to visit the Centennial State for activities other than skiing.

When the ski season ends, keep in mind Colorado’s endless supply of warm weather entertainment and consider signing up for a ziplining adventure with a reputable company such as AVA Rafting & Zipline. While ziplining tends to make a person feel more alive and often induces infectious smiles and relentless laughter, it is a perfectly safe activity that will get your heart racing.  Ziplining is an unforgettable sport for friends and families hoping to spend the day together, and for those seeking to add both thrill and beauty to their lives. 

What You Should Wear on a Spring Ziplining Tour

  • Long pants, so you’re more comfortable in our harness and the cooler spring air won’t give you the chills
  • Sunscreen… even on cloudy days!
  • Bring layers.  Snow pants, winter jacket, etc.  You can always leave something in your car if the sun is shining, but it’s best to be prepared.
  • Remove any dangling jewelry and rings before arriving.

Where You Should Spring Zipline

Choose AVA for your fun spring festivities. Our company offers plenty of different ziplining courses, with options for all ages and levels of experience.  AVA’s Idaho Springs location opens at the beginning of March and will give guests an exhilarating adventure just 30 minutes west of Denver.  Wait a bit longer to come ziplining and head to Buena Vista at the end of April for our Mountaintop Zipline course.  One of our experienced guides will tag along with you to watch over your safety and show your group a good time.

Come join AVA this spring for a fun half day of exciting, adventurous, and extremely beautiful ziplining here in Colorado.  You’ll love catching Rocky Mountain views on a whole new level, and we guarantee you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

Spring Zipline Deals in Colorado

We are currently running some deals on spring zipline and Via Ferrata tours in Idaho Springs.  Check them out here!


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