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What the World Would be Like if Adventure Didn’t Exist

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Can you imagine a life without adventure? What if it never existed?

We are very fortunate to hopefully never experience this type of unsatisfying life. Why go a life without adventure when you can have a life with adventure? The definition of adventure is “an exciting or very unusual experience.”  Think of all this definition when looking back at everything you have already done in your life and when making new plans.

A life without adventure would be unfulfilling and filled with all work and no play. Why do that when you can have fun all the time?! In the world we live in we can turn even boring day to day events into fun.

I’m personally always looking for my next big adventure. I have never had the experience of going rafting and that is my first adventure goal for this summer! Here in the mountains most of us locals are on the hunt for our next adventure in life, but those who live in the city should incorporate adventures into their lives as well.

IMG_0269-1200Life is short and should be lived to the fullest. With a thousand opportunities to adventure make them count. Another opportunity for adventure is trying one of our ziplines– either the Cliffside Zipline in Idaho Springs or the Mountaintop Zipline in Granite. Why would you come to Colorado and not see the mountains from a different perspective.

What will be your adventure bucket list? We should all have one. No matter what your situation is remember that life is an adventure and to keep having awesome times. Even if you are stuck at a desk job you can still plan ahead for your awesome trips.



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