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How to Not Let Your Fear of Heights Stop You from Experiencing a Mountaintop Zipline

Mountaintop Zipline Colorado

Is Ziplining safe? What an excellent question but when done with a reputable company, of course it is! It’s normal to feel timid or anxious before you jump off. Who wants to jump off a perfectly good platform towering over a massive drop anyway? Lots of people can experience acrophobia (an extreme fear of heights/space). It’s estimated that three to five percent of people have some sort of acrophobia.

There are three main things that can help alleviate this fear; the gear, guide, and environment. Using AVA Rafting & Zipline as an example, they use a multiple point secure equipment system. For starters, they use a double cable system; that allows an extra level of safety. These cables are generally, Military grade aircraft galvanized steel; that are rated to support about 26,600 lbs. physically dropped on them. Leading into, you have double trollies and an extra carabiner (for the over-redundancy).

AVA Guide

Your guide also, can bring a level of calm you might need; if you are indeed feeling scared. Using AVA as our example again, these guides are well trained. They go for a short period to ACCT training. The Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) is an international trade association dedicated to standards, government relations, credentialing, professional development and advancement of our members”; (quote from the ACCT website). Simply put; this is the same organization that creates, dictates, and maintains the rules for any rope/ cable adventure system in the world. Besides the knowhow of the gear; your guide can be very personable, calm, and knowledgeable about the area. Of course, accidents are known to happen; things can happen unexpectedly. You don’t have to worry though; through the ACCT training, generally each rescue must be done in about 4 minutes time. These rescues can be anything, simply from pulling you back into the deck or being lowered to the ground (from the middle of the zip line). All in all, your guide can be a major point to put your reassurances on. Lastly, your environment can provide an extra level of calmness and safety. Knowing your guide has your safety as their top priority, you can enjoy the view and people you’re with. A lot of adventure ziplines, are built with beautiful views to enjoy the moment. The trick is just to look around and see what you may not have a chance too from back home.

The other guests on your tour can be another level of reassurance. Say there’s a woman on your tour that is a lot more vocal about being scared than you are. Watching the guide handle the situation can be your beacon of hope! Having a quick demonstration can be all the difference; seeing the guide talk through the simple steps. People can come from all over; it might be from the same neighborhood, the same state, or from another country entirely! Going on any aerial tour might just change your perception on another walk of life; just have to take that step out your door!

They’re all kinds of aerial courses you can take adventures on! They range as far as simple zip lining all the way to guided Via Ferratas. They’re spread across this great state and most can be easily accessible. If you’re looking for something close to Denver, AVA Rafting & Zipline in Idaho Springs or Denver Adventures can be your option! Both are located very close and offer great courses; even for the beginner adventurer. If you’re looking for the adventure in some beautiful, small authentic mountain town; we have you cover too. You might consider AVA Granite or Top of the Rockies Zip Lining. These places allow you to immerse yourself fully in the awesome adventure.

To sum things up, you shouldn’t feel terrified to go on an aerial tour. It’s natural to feel a little anxious, but that’s where the fun is! No one should feel this acrophobia when taking a tour. Remember the three things to help you with this; your multiple point hook in system/gear, well trained guides, and a peaceful environment. Not only do they have procedures to keep you safe, there’s lots of courses to explore on! To tie everything together; “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently” (quote from Maya Angelou). Most aerial tours and especially ziplining, anyone can do! It just takes you to walk out your door and have an awesome adventure today!