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Zip with us this Thanksgiving Season

Kid Zipline Colorado

Colorado is kno20140412Idaho_Springs_Zip_-_004wn for its rough and rugged mountain ranges and curious wildlife. With winter knocking on the door and the holiday season beginning, now is a great time to prepare for another awesome snow season with thousands of hectares of skiable terrain here in Colorado. Before picking up the skis from the tuning shop and buying the latest outerwear, take a moment to enjoy the weather before the freeze. Come join us for a world class ziplining experience this Thanksgiving season!

Our Idaho Springs Cliffside zipline will be running through November this year offering guests a chance to soar through the winter wonderland. Our Cliffside zipline offers seven different ziplines and three rope course features that include our race lines where you can reach up to 40 mph, surf zip and optional 50 foot freefall. Tours typically take two and half hours to three hours in total time from check-in to when you arrive back to your car ready to roll on to the next adventure. When booking your ultimate zipline adventure zip gals reduxmake sure to mention the code FALL15 to receive an extra 15% when booking. Don’t miss your chance to fly through the last of the sunny skies before the winter clouds roll in for the season.

When preparing for your Thanksgiving season zipline, make sure you have adequately prepared for the weather. Idaho Springs is almost 2,000ft higher in elevation than downtown Denver, so make sure you have your fleece jackets, warm footwear and bottle of water to fight off the high altitude and chilly fall breeze. If you are not able to make it this fall look for our zipline tour options in March for unparalleled scenery and excitement. For booking or further questions about the trip or booking info please feel free to contact our sales staff at (800) 370-0581 or shoot us an email at [email protected].