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Zipline Course Upgrades in Idaho Springs

Cable_600What a bunch of busy bees we have been here at AVA as of late! With the spring break crowd en full masse, not only did we open up our zip line course early to accommodate this, but we have also been preoccupied deciding on and installing several new features for our course! These new features will surprise, exhilarate and provide you or your group with additional opportunities to either face your fears or tame the adrenaline beast within you. Below you can check out our zipline course upgrades in Idaho Springs.

Free Fall

The first new feature that you will encounter on our recently updated Idaho Springs cliffside zipline course is our highly anticipated sixty-five foot (65’), 8 story free fall! Picture yourself standing on the edge of a nauseating cliff and overlooking the edge as you fall off and plunge towards the rocky ground below. This feature will leave you thanking the heavens for your safe landing and may even inspire you to kiss the ground beneath your feet! Of course, you don’t have to take the free fall and can choose to zipline to the lower platform of zipline #2.

Swinging Log Bridge and Surf Zip

surf zip

Secondly, and only if you choose to, you have the option to test your will power on the next two features on our adventure course. A hanging swinging log bridge awaits the daredevil inside of you that, if you are successful at crossing, will lead you to our exciting surf zip! The surf zip is a movable platform, secured to our ziplines, that when after you are securely attached and decide to step onto, will zoom you over to our third zipline platform.

20140412Idaho Springs Zip - 017Pivot Log Cross

Once you have successfully climbed yourself to the top of the rope net and replenished your psyche, get ready to take on our pivot log cross. The pivot log cross is a series of logs, positioned vertically that when stepped on, may pivot either forwards or backwards causing you to grip ever more tightly the ropes that serve as handrails. In addition to pivoting, these logs also have to potential to start swinging, making it a bit more of a challenge for those of you that believe this to be a piece of cake.

Race Zip

Finally, on zipline 5, we have added a second zipline that will provide you with the opportunity to race your family, friends or even complete strangers! This may be one of the most rewarding of all of our ziplines, as you could possibly come in first place, giving you whatever amount of bragging rights you feel you deserve. Once you are unsecured from zipline 5, go down and greet your opponent and thus commence the bragging (if you won) and continue on to zipline 6, which, will take you right back to our outpost as you cross over Chicago Creek.

There you have it! We have gone from having just 6 ziplines to over 10 adventure features for you or your group to enjoy. I hope you are as excited about these new obstacles as we are!



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