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Idaho Springs Zipline Photos

Wondering what to expect on our Idaho Springs zipline course?

Here’s a zipline photo tour to get you started…

Zipline Training


Check in, gear up, then gather at the practice zipline for a safety talk with your guides.



Head to the zipline course


Then it’s time to head up the mountain to the zipline course!


Mountaintop Zipline


Take the 5 to 10 minute nature walk to the start of the course.




Your guide will clip you onto the cable….


Mountaintop Ziplining


…and next thing you know, you’ll be flying through the air!




Each zip is a little different from the last.


Zipline Platform


Some launch off of craggy cliff faces.


Clifftop Zipline


And sweep you out over steep drops.




Others suspend you over dense forest.




Or take you through the forest




Until you finally drop down over Chicago Creek and land at our outpost.


Zipline photos not enough for you?  You’ll just have to come out and experience this fantastic mountaintop zipline course for yourself!  Want to see more images? Visit our galleries for more photos and video.


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