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Individual Zipline Tour Pricing



Individual Zipline Tour Pricing

Pricing for individuals to participate in our Zipline courses vary according to age.

For access to our entire Zipline course in either Idaho Springs or Buena Vista, Colorado, the prices are

Buena Vista Zipline: $89 for Adults 13 years of age and older | $79 for Children 12 years of age and under
Idaho Springs Zipline: $99-$109 for Adults 13 years of age and older | $89-$99 for Children 12 years of age and under

These prices include all of the equipment you will need to keep you safe and comfortable during your trip. The price listed includes the rental of helmet and harness. These pieces of equipment are essential in keeping all zippers safe throughout the day.

In addition to the individual admission price, there is also the option to purchase pictures of you and your family zipping through the trees! A photo album of your day on the course is the perfect way to document your trip so that you can keep it in your memories forever. Our pictures are taken by professional photographers and offer a variety of photo packages to choose from.

The Zipline course locations also offer souvenir shops where zipliners can purchase a wide variety of hard and soft goods to keep their Zipline memory alive forever.

Idaho Springs Outpost: Cliffside 1/2 Day Zipline Adventure

Perched above our Idaho Springs office, this zip line course is just 30 minutes outside of Denver.  After a scenic nature hike to get to the start of the course, take on six zips of varying length through the trees and cliffs before crossing over Chicago Creek for an exhilarating finish.

Buena Vista Outpost: Mountaintop 1/2 Day Zipline Adventure

Our zipline course is integrated into the wooded and craggy surroundings of our mountainous 43-acre Gold Camp property. Take in the views of snow-capped peaks and the Arkansas River as you zip from cliff to cliff between the pine and aspen trees.