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3 Great Corporate Team-Building Events

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Working in an office can be stressful. We’re not even referring to all of the work that needs to be done, either. Sometimes it can be the clients or customers, and other times it can be your boss or even co-workers. Regardless of whatever incites your stress, team building is an age old activity that can add cohesion, understanding and respect to your workplace environment. And if you’re looking for ideas in this field, here are 3 great corporate team-building events:

Zip LiningIMG_5308

What better way to satisfy the malcontent you have for your most annoying co-worker than by pushing them off of a zip-line take off platform! While we do not necessarily condone this type of behavior (and, of course they would be attached to the zip line), seeing your co-worker nearly pee their pants while facing one of their greatest fears will surprisingly cause the two of you to grow closer than you could possibly imagine. It will also allow you, in front of your co-workers and nearly peeing your own pants, to face and overcome your fear of heights…if you have one. Don’t worry, our zip line courses are inspected annually and daily and our guides certified to the highest standard, so this seemingly fearful experience is under total control and the margin for error or accident is minimal.

Whitewater RaftingClear Creek Rafting

Another great way to bring your team together is with an exciting whitewater rafting adventure! We at AVA have four different skill levels to choose from; Float (Class I-II), Beginner (Class II-III), Intermediate (Class III-IV) and Advanced (Class IV-V). Regardless of which trip you do eventually decide to book, we can guarantee that your team can grow together by having to heavily rely upon each other in unfamiliar and possible difficult situations.


PanIcePrinceIf you do decide to participate in any of the above mentioned activities at our Granite outpost, don’t forget to take advantage of our on-site campground. Camping is an excellent way to bring your team together and create life-long memories. You may need to provide all of your own camping gear to do this, however, if you book an overnight team-building rafting trip, we can absolutely provide everything you need.



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