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5 Reasons Why October is the Best Time to Zipline in Colorado

Person with a helmet standing beside a wood post with a jack-o-lantern and reflective vest under the stars

October is a month chock-full of exciting outdoor adventures, holidays and events such as Halloween and Oktoberfest. Many die-hard Halloween fanatics call this entire month “spooky season,” and you will find many activities and events that cater to the popularity. October is also a gorgeous month out in the mountains, and you will experience weather unique to this time of year. Add to that excitement by taking an
outdoor aerial adventure in the Colorado mountains! There are many reasons why October is the best time to zipline in Colorado, but here are the top 5 reasons;

1. Gorgeous Fall Weather

The weather in the Colorado mountains in October is a unique experience all in itself. The days can be anywhere from pleasant to unusually warm. The air feels crisp when you breathe it in, the sun is warm when it touches your skin and you’ll be in visual heaven looking at all of the changing foliage color. Take a mountaintop zipline tour to view all of the vibrant hues and zip in between the trees, as this is the best time to do
so. All you’ll need to bring is a light jacket and some sunscreen in order to enjoy the autumn weather all throughout the Colorado Rockies.

2. Less Crowds

October is ideal for adventurers who would like to stay away from the mountain crowds. We are in between our busy summer season and the highly anticipated ski season, so you tend to find more adventure availability, as well as better deals! Get on a zipline and have a more intimate experience with your guides and people you are closest to, and then enjoy a delicious meal in a nearby mountain town!

3. Halloween

Are you a Halloween fanatic and love to dress up at any opportunity that you have? Nothing is more fun than getting decked out in full costume and getting out for a zipline adventure! Many zipline companies will organize a Halloween zip to get the spirit flowing and it would be an awesome addition to your Instagram story! Once you are done ripping down a zipline, check out any local attractions such as haunted houses, trick-or-treat streets, and graveyard and ghost tours. There are some really unique tours up in the historic mountain towns that you are sure not to find anywhere else!

4. Active Wildlife

As the Colorado wildlife prepare for winter, you have a much higher chance of catching a glimpse of the hard-to-see animals, such as a mountain goat traversing up the side of a mountain or 2 bull elks locked by the antlers. What better way to view these events than from above? Get on a zipline and take a look for any animals that you could potentially see!

Starlight Zipline

5. Incredible Night Sky

October is ideal for being able to see all of the stars and galaxies once you get up to the mountains away from all of the city light pollution! Many zipline tours offer a starlight tour and will provide you a headlamp to get around the course., but feel free to go dark as soon as you start down the zipline! This is an experience you will remember for years to come!

October is such an awesome month to experience the Colorado mountains, make sure you get on a Fall zipline tour to experience the best of all Autumn has to offer! Don’t forget to incorporate all of your spooky activities into your itinerary and book your trip today!