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5 Tips for Ziplining with Kids

Colorado Zipline

Whizzing over the trees, soaring high above, and zipping down a cliff..what could be better? The only way we thought of was going with your entire family! Fortunately for you our we have zipline courses for the whole family. Our Idaho Springs location consists of six lines, with some additional special features, and can accommodate zippers as young as 7 years old weighing 50lbs. In Granite we have a seven line zip course and is appropriate for children 10 years old weighing 75lbs and over. Though as enjoyable as those courses sound, rallying the troops can be challenging, especially after a long day of rafting. Below you will find five tips to assist you in a smooth adventure with your little adventure junkies.

Be prepared

Kids can be a bit unpredictable, so set yourself up for success by preparing for all the foreseeable obstacles.  Dress them appropriately with good footwear and clothes for the climate.  Also make sure they are fed and have plenty of water so they do not get cranky in the middle of your zip lining adventure.

Set a good example


Be sure you are listening and paying attention to your guide as it is vital in having a safe experience.  If you are not listening or follow directions, chances are, your child will not either.  This is not only a danger to themselves, but to other people around them.

Take the lead

If your child is a little nervous, show them how it is done and go before them.  Seeing you do it in a safe and controlled manner will make them feel better about taking the leap.  They trust you and trust you would not do anything that would pose any danger.


 Keep an eye out

 Yes, there is a guide who is suppose to keep an eye out for everyone, but kids can find themselves in sticky situations  quickly. Making sure your child is doing what he or she is suppose to do will help out your instructor and insure a better  time for your child.


 Take pictures and make goofy faces.  You are ziplining in the mountains!!  This will be a moment you two will remember for  a lifetime!


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